Gevasol Technologies, along with other Gevasol Group members, provide custom full turnkey solutions. The solutions range from single-component design and electronic board assembly to complete systems.

We establish close communication channels with our customers and share every step of the product lifecycle — from design and purchasing to certifications and delivery to after-sale support.


  • Collaboration A team of experienced professionals listens thoroughly to understand the customer’s needs fully; they work together to minimize time to market and exceed expectations.
  • Expertise Deep knowledge in production engineering, assembly line consideration, and electronics manufacturing; we provide solutions in cooperation with the Gevasol Group.
  • Dedication Eager to develop, assemble, and produce customized cost-effective products and systems.
  • Innovation Is our guideline; it is key to our and our customers’ success.
  • Flexibility Our production lines and assembly processes are designed to accommodate changes and adaptations at minimal effort and cost.

Product Groups

  • PCBA
  • Subassembly
  • High Level Assembly
  • System Assembly
  • Automatic Test Equipment


We aim to comply with our customers’ quality requirements: Working procedures, process quality, regulatory demands, and certifications adherence.
On-time delivery and final product quality are measured and are an integral part of our quality workflow.

Our quality assurance department uses an adaptable, certified quality management system; it is approved and applicable to the following standards:
All company staff is certified according to Workmanship and Execution standards:
Our subcontractors and suppliers are an integral part of our supply chain. They are thus required to comply with our quality standards. They are inspected to ensure compliance regularly.