Robotic AI flowers pollination

Autonomous ground robot that treats and monitors individual plants in the greenhouse.

NPI, Integration.

Portable ventilator

Full turnkey production of mobile ventilators, providing intensive care during transport and hospital care everywhere.
We established the assembly line and full production process in a few weeks to meet dramatic demand during the initial COVID-19 crisis.

On parallel to the integration process, we collaborated with the customer to develop custom made components and improved the product performance.

R&D, PCB, NPI, Integration, FTK.

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Medical aesthetic device complete assembly

Full-Turn-Key service of a medical aesthetics device.
A power LED system that dissolves human fat using deep Infra Red light.

NPI, Integration, FTK.

Laser diode driver

A driver of a laser diode used in a hair removal device.
Assembled in a dedicated production line that was designed to accommodate team members with disabilities.

PCB, Integration.

Power supply tuner for aesthetic equipment

A versatile power supply and RF amplifier, used in a line of  medical aesthetics devices.

PCB, Integration.

Contoured handles for RF aesthetic equipment

A line of different handles used in a multi-platform RF (Radio Frequency) aesthetic system.
The production process and products compliance with medical standards (ISO:13485).

PCB, Integration.

Multi-application platform switching module

A switching module is used in an Intense Pulse Light (IPL), energy-based skincare medical device.
Produced in compliance with medical standards ISO:13485.

PCB, Integration.

Large flexible PCB

We applied advanced technology to produce a flexible PCB used to enable an innovative CT imaging technology –
wrapping 360° around the patient’s body’s contour for a personalized scan.


Multi-Axes rugged drive module assembly

Turnkey production of a robust dual axes smart drive that GFT, a Gevasol Group company, developed.
The rugged drive is used in an automated warehouse robot.


Steam controller for automatic milking system

Steamer generator control cabinet.
Controls a steam generator for disinfection of a robotics milking system.

R&D, PCB, Integration, Production.

ATE cabinet design and production

An overall upgrade of an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) cabinet, used for an aerospace application.
MU / MSU with multiple obsolete components that required replacement without any system performance variation.

R&D, PCB, NPI, Integration.

ATE for high performance controller

An automated test module.
Designed to perform test procedures of a control unit that manages the loading process of armored vehicles’ active defense system.

R&D, PCB, NPI, Integration.

ATE multi-module production in real-time

A defense application ATE project was needed urgently and thus required a tight schedule and real-time adjustments.
We worked with an initial open design to accommodate ongoing adaptations without major cost additions and delays.

R&D, PCB, NPI, Integration.

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