The SysID Software tool uses the 'Stepped Sine Sweep' technique, the most accurate alternative for real-life plants.
The SysID is an automatic and precise method to measure Frequency Response Functions (FRF).
It is tailored for control problems that arise in the vast majority of engineering applications, e.g.- servo valves, servo motors, automotive test rigs, and airborne systems.
The SysID includes a fully automated mode, thus minimizes the time and effort required of control experts.

Main Advantages

  • The most attractive alternative for real life plants.
  • Accuracy at all frequency range
  • Handles non-linear systems difficulties (such as dead-zone, hysteresis
    or backlash).
  • Requires very limited user intervention and, at the same time, pinpoints
    the problematic areas allowing iterative refinement where necessary.

System Identification SW Tool

  • Use of “Step Sine Sweep’ technique
    • Accurate at all frequencies range
    • Handles non-linear systems difficulties e.g. – dead-zone, hysteresis, backlash
    • Requires minimal and limited user intervention
    • Allows an iterative refinement where necessary, pinpointin
      the problematic areas
  • Measures resonances at efficiently needed accuracy
  • Identification in closed loop
  • Fully automated and fast identification process within minutes
    • Automatic selection of Frequencies and Amplitudes
    • Automatically finds resonances and improves identification around it
    • Additional parameters are automatically calculated
  • Badly identified low frequencies are fixed using theoretical argumentations
  • Measures high frequencies even if the maximum available amplitude is below 10% of the digital sensor resolution
  • Results in a high bandwidth system, up to the plant’s theoretical Nyquist frequency.

Application Examples

  • Robotics
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Aeronitcs
  • Simulators
QFD SW-En_T_8-2020

Ordering Options

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  • SusID002
  • Service Pack01