The QFD software tool builds a set of controllers from which the user can select the most suitable controller.
The selection is done through observation of time-domain simulations and/or frequency domain analysis.
The QFD is suitable for industrial / machine plants, for the design of common control architectures (PD, PID, PI, Cascaded, etc.)
In order to minimize control efforts and sensor’s noise effects, it implements filters such as low-pass, notch, lead/lag; and common industrial specs such as gain and phase margins and plant uncertainty.

Quantitative Feedback Design

  • Relieves the user, design or commissioning engineer, from the tedious manual and often iterative process.
  • Results in a very close to the theoretical limit of achievable performance, with very limited intervention and system knowledge.
  • Speaks the language of the practical control engineer:
  • Gain-margin, phase-margin, reduce sensor’s noise effects.
  • Cannot miss a ‘good’ controller (transfer function), even in complex multiple feedback-sensor configurations or cascaded systems.
  • Handles plant uncertainty as it is.
  • g. robustness to the true plant uncertainty.
  • Design for the user chosen architecture including option to fix some chosen filters values.
  • Therefor enables to design scheduled controllers.
  • Supplies a set of controllers sorted to a chosen criterion from which the user can chose and test.
  • Does not require an analytic model of the plant.
  • it can be directly applied to measured-data frequency response, as happens in many applications.

System' Configurations

Mitigates any real-life system configuration or problem:

  • SISO
  • MISO
  • SIMO
  • MIMO
  • Sensors/Data fusion


  • Electronics
  • Heat transfer
  • Robotics
  • Combustion
  • Multi-domain
  • Chemical Processes
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Mechanical systems
  • Aerodynamics
  • Motors and engines
  • Thermodynamics
  • Bio-Medical

Ordering Options

QFD001: SW basic installation

QFD GSP1: Service pack, Upgrades + support 3hrs./ month

QFD GSP2: Service pack, Upgrades + support 1hr./ month