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High-Pressure Miniature Proportional Valve

We now offer valves for high-pressure applications.


Inter-company Cooperation

Gevasol’s Motion Control Division has made several changes to improve inter-company cooperation.




Sealing Hazardous Materials

Ettem Engineering’s mechanical seals for centrifugal and rotary pumps are fully compatible with the API 682 standard.


46:47 Beyond Basketball

Beyond Basketball expresses Gevasol’s commitment to turning the spotlight on social issues through sports. 46:47  is an art project illustrating that.


Crop Closed Transfer Systems (CTS)

European crop protection producers aim to make Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) available from 2024—and for all European farmers by 2030. Gevasol provides the solution.


A family company is not (exactly) what you think

We emphasize that Gevasol is a “family-owned” company and immediately add that we do not mean “family culture.”


VES-Artex’s Intelligent Soaker

The Intelligent Soaker alleviates heat stress in barns while reducing water usage. The result: the VES-Artex Intellighet Soaker.


Gevasol Academy is Back – Reliability Engineering

Engineers, suppliers, and customers gathered at Idan Technology for a Gevasol Academy session. The subject: reliability engineering.


Selective Precision Spraying

Keeping it green: selective spraying for agriculture and beyond.


In Memory of Yoel Parness

Gideon Yadin eulogizes his mentor and friend.


Gevasol Technologies’ New CEO

We welcome Tal Scaly, Gevasol Technologies’ new CEO


Investment, not Charity

Why do we regard our community projects as investments, not charity?


GoDare’s Grand Opening

Gideon Yadin’s account of Gevasol’s beginning and Lely’s unique role in moving it forward as told at GoDare’s opening.


Air Intake Assembly for a Solar Energy Turbine.

Ettem engineering to design and manufacture an air intake assembly for a solar energy turbine.


Mechanical Seals, Proportional Valves, and Instrumentation Valves at ACHEMA

Gevasol’s Fluid Control Division and Ettem Engineering at ACHEMA2022. Read about what’s on display.


Precision Miniature Proportional Valves for Gases up to 70 Bars

Gevasol extended the pressure range of miniature precision proportional valves up to 70 bars.


An ACHEMA Voucher

Gevasol’s Fluid Control Division and Ettem Engineering will be at ACHEMA2022 in August in Frankfurt, Germany. And there’s a video, too.


Sub-systems for a Milking Robot

Visiting a strategic customer.


Seals meet environmental requirements for emission reduction.

Ettem Engineering’s double mechanical seals prevent leakage of contaminants to the environment.


Spraying Systems for Crop Sprayers—Visiting Agrifac

We visited a customer for whom we develop and manufacture spraying systems for crop sprayers.


The Gevasol Group is Establishing a Reliability Lab

A new reliability lab will improve the reliability of our products.


Proportional and Media-Separated Valves Showcased at ACHEMA

We will be showcasing at the ACHEMA 2022 in Frankfurt, 22 – 26 August 2022.


Checking in With a Couple of Gevasol-Lely Projects

A couple of snapshots from Lely-Gevasol cooperations.


Earth Day

It’s Earth day. Here’s how we help protect the earth.


Precision Proportional Valve for Gas Analyzer – a Success Story

A market leader successfully uses our valve in industrial and commercial gas analyzers.


Customized Valves at Gevasol Switzerland

Designing custom precision valves at our Fluid Control Division.


A GoDare Update

The GoDare project is moving forward. Read the update. 


Merry Green Holidays

See how our precision valves help reduce crop and soil contamination by about 90%


Happy Holidays

To everyone celebrating Christmas (in many of the languages spoken at Gevasol)!
Merry Christmas, חג מולד שמח, عيد ميلاد مجيد, क्रिसमस की बधाई , vrolijk kerstfeest, frohe Weihnachten, मेरी ख्रिसमस, С Рождеством

Emergency Medical Equipment

We customize life-saving emergency medical equipment, and our recent brochure is out.


Our New Director of Workplace Diversity

Diversity is at the core of our strategy.


High-flow, Pressure Compensated Proportional Valve

From our scientists in Switzerland comes the P447: a high-flow, pressure compensated proportional valve.


Media-separated Solenoid Valves

Our media-separated solenoid valves for aggressive media offer broad chemical compatibility


A Miniature Media-Separated Valve for Aggressive Fluid and Gas

New from our fluid control team: Media-separated valve for aggressive fluids and gases.


GoDare for a Better World

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Lely.
We have joined forces to create GoDare a Netherlands-based initiative to support the next technological pioneers by bringing them together with established entrepreneurs and industry leaders.


Another Customer Challenge Met

Ettem Engineering  doubled its production capacity of dual-seal Bio-Reactor drive units, at a short notice, in order to deliver large orders received from one of its leading customers Eppendorf Group



Respiratory Valves

Proportional valve family for respiratory applications


Our New Fluid Control Division

To continue evolving while providing flawless service and products, we’ve identified a need for a specialized Fluid Control Division. René Beuving, who currently heads Gevasol Holland, will lead the new division. His title will be Vice President, Fluid Control Division.


Dr. Alex Veprik of Cryotech to Present at the International Cryocoolers Conference.

Dr. Alex Veprik of Cryotech will present Cryothech’s breakthrough: Affordable Cryocoolers for Commercial IR Imaging at the annual International Cryocoolers Conference.


A New Extreme-High-Power Simulation Lab at GFT

Congratulations to the Gevasol Feedback Technology (GFT) team!

Last week they launched a new extreme-high-power simulation lab at GFT’s facility in Yavneh, Israel.

In the new lab, the R&D team will test heavy electrical loads in ‘real-life’ conditions and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Dino Elran, GFT’s CEO, says: “The new lab supports the rising workload of our many new projects. It shortens our time to market by increasing in-house testing capabilities and capacity.”


Elactis’s New Building

Elactis SA, a memeber of the Gevasol group has moved to a new premises as of May 1, 2020, to accommodate the growth of the company.


Fluid Control Solutions for Medical Applications

At these times of the Coronavirus pandemic, Gevasol is proud to be at the heart of some of the life-saving devices used in hospitals around the world.