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A GoDare Update

Despite the challenges of the time, the GoDare project is moving forward. Here is a brief update:


Constructions of the permanent building are moving along, and the building will open in September 2022. Some activity is already happening there; several workshops take place at a local school and online.


Five members of Gevasol and ninety members of Lely carry out activities as coaches. They guide eight groups with 25 children each.


The goal is that the children come to the center ten times throughout the year. So far, each group has held five meetings. Some of the meetings are face-to-face, and some are online.


Here are the various activities:


Workshops for ages 11-12 on five topics:







Designing for needs, ages 14-15

This project is offered in partnership with Gevasol.


The students work in five groups of six children at a local secondary school, the Lentiz School.


The children plan a solution to specific real-world needs of their choice. The planning process includes brainstorming, sketching, and building a prototype, just like at Idan Technology in Israel.


Along the way, the children learn to work with various technological tools.


The Nova Project

The project is in the renovated building–university students build an electric motorcycle.  And of course, there are some photos: