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The Gevasol Group is Establishing a Reliability Lab

The Gevasol Group is establishing a reliability lab at GoDare’s new space. Gert Kragten, Ph.D., who holds a green belt certification as a reliability engineer, leads the process. 

The lab will perform reliability tests on Gevasol products, including: 

  • lifetime testing 
  • failure analysis
  • reliability simulation and calculation 

Such testing is not only needed before the release of the product. Repeated testing is necessary for different production batches and revisions of parts or processes during the life cycle.

The lab will generate and maintain a life-database of test methods and results. This will allow us to test similar products in the same way. 

Comparing failed products from the field with the failure mechanisms found in the development phase will improve the testing reliability—and the reliability of Gevasol’s products.

Here is a timeline of the lab development and certification process: 


  • Green Belt in reliability engineering
  • Reliability Projects: P7159, P7001


  • Establish a reliability Lab at GoDare 
  • Reliability projects: P268, P370, P327, P447
  • Establish life-database
  • Black Belt in reliability engineering


  • Grow life-database 
  • Certified Reliability Engineer (VDI4002)
  • Certify lab (ISO17025:2017)