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Sub-systems for a Milking Robot

Gevasol’s Fluid Control Division leadership visited a strategic customer: Lely Farming Innovators, for which we produce sub-systems for a milking robot.

The day started at a Lely-owned farm that uses Lely’s innovative products. The team had an excellent opportunity to see how Lely envisions the future farm.

They saw Lely’s Astronaut Milking Robot and other innovative products. Then the team discussed possible contributions to such innovations.

They also met with the farm’s operator; he had some interesting requests for future innovation.

From the farm, on to Lely Campus in Maassluis. There they met with the Product Development department. The group split into two: Lely’s leadership discussed the partnership with Gevasol. The other group discussed the progress of GoDare.

We want to thank Lely’s team, who made this visit possible. Especially Gerard Mostert, for the tours at the farm and campus.