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Professor Oded Yaniv of GFT About the Technology Behind our Products

Professor Oded Yaniv of GFT presented the technology behind our products at the IAAC Control Conference in the Technion in July. You can read the abstract here.

Our QFD SW tool is designed for the user-chosen architecture, enabling the design of scheduled controllers.
It results in the theoretical limit of achievable performance, with very limited engineer’s intervention and system knowledge.
The QFD automatic tuner process relieves the motion engineer from the tedious manual and often iterative process.

Other features:
· Cannot miss a ‘good’ controller (transfer function), even in complex multiple feedback-sensor configurations or cascaded systems.
· Does not require an analytic model of the plant; it can be directly applied to measured-data frequency response, as happens in many applications.
· Supply a set of controllers sorted to a chosen criterion from which the user can choose and test.
· Handle plant uncertainty as it is, E.g., robustness to the true plant uncertainty
· Reduce sensor’s noise effects.
· Include the option to fix some selected filters values
· Speaks the language of the practical control engineer: Gain-margin, phase-margin, etc.