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Our New Fluid Control Division

As Gevasol grows and develops, opportunities are growing, as are our customers’ expectations and needs.

To continue evolving while providing flawless service and products, we’ve identified a need for a specialized Fluid Control Division.

René Beuving, who currently heads Gevasol Holland, will lead the new division. His title will be Vice President, Fluid Control Division.

The companies reporting to him will be Gevasol Holland, Gevasol Industries, Elactis, and Gevasol Engineering. A detailed timeline will be available shortly.

Gevasol CEO, Gideon Yadin, will remain involved and hands-on, but the new structure will allow him to spend more time with customers and our people and move Gevasol forward.

René is a chemical engineer with 23 years of experience in production and operations management. In the last two years, he managed Gevasol BV, demonstrating strong managerial and interpersonal skills. His skills were on full display during the emergency rollout of valves for medical respirators in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis.

According to René, his goal is ‘introducing new structures and systems in the organization without losing Gevasol’s DNA, the flexible, intuitive way that is our signature.’

René is 49 years old. He lives in Loosdrecht, Netherlands, with his wife, Suzanne, and lovely ten-year-old daughter, Chloé.

Good luck!