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Mitigation of Actions in Response to Recent Events in Israel

In the wake of the recent events in Israel, Gevasol is taking proactive steps to assess and mitigate the potential impacts on its production and global supply chain. We are committed to ensuring the continued satisfaction of our customers worldwide and safeguarding their interests during these challenging times.

First and foremost, the safety and welfare of Gevasol teams who have been directly impacted is of paramount importance.

Gevasol’s CEO, Gideon Yadin, stated, “Our top priority has always been to provide reliable and sustainable solutions to our customers. We understand that the ongoing situation in Israel poses a significant risk to our production and supply chain operations, and we are determined to minimize any potential disruption to our customers.” His statement addresses the complex and dynamic situation with the potential to disrupt global supply chains, affecting the timely delivery of Gevasol’s products and services.

Gevasol is currently exploring several options to mitigate the impact of these tragic events on its operations. These options encompass both short-term and long-term strategies to create a robust and flexible supply chain that can adapt to unexpected challenges, such as regional conflicts. The company is actively collaborating with partners, suppliers, and logistics experts to ensure the resiliency of its supply chain.

To address this critical issue, we have initiated a comprehensive evaluation of the impact and risk associated with the events in Israel to safeguard the interests of its valued customers.

Gevasol is implementing a first and second line of defense in its operations to enhance its efforts. The first line of defense involves proactive risk assessment and immediate mitigation strategies, ensuring that customers receive their products and services without interruption.

The second line of defense focuses on longer-term solutions to reinforce the company’s supply chain resiliency.

We are fully committed to standing by our customers and delivering on our promises, no matter the external challenges we face. Gevasol will do whatever it takes to provide continuous support and maintain the highest quality of service during these trying times.

Gevasol fully supports its employees and business partners in Israel during these challenging times in order to assure business continuity. Gevasol will continue to monitor the situation closely and remain in constant communication with its customers and partners to provide updates on the progress of its mitigation actions.