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Manufacturing low SWaP low-cost cryocoolers.

CryoTech is gearing up to assemble and test its first commercial series of low SWaP, low-cost cryocoolers.

The great thing about the product’s design is its simplicity: It allows for outsourcing parts—eliminating the need for expensive machinery and the development of manufacturing technology.

The assembly is straightforward and inexpensive; teams can assemble and test the product with short training while maintaining the utmost quality.

Cryotech has established the assembly line in a clean environment at Gevasol Industries.

Gevasol Industries provides quality assurance, trained staff, and dedicated auxiliary automation (such as laser machines for welding and marking).

Its support allows for high manufacturing efficiency and reduction of operating costs.

About Gevasol Industries:

Gevasol Technologies produces precision solenoid valves and fluidic assemblies. It is located in Kibbutz Saar, Israel.