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Investment, not Charity

Gevasol and its partners initiated several community tech projects around Israel and the Netherlands, including Idan TechnologyGoDare, powered by Lely & Gevasol, and others.

We regard our involvement with these projects as community investments, not philanthropy. Sometimes, though, we find it difficult to explain this approach to our various stakeholders.

What it comes down to is shared values.

“Shared values,” as defined by Professor Michael Porter, is all about the policies and practices that enhance a company’s competitiveness while strengthening the communities where it operates.

At The Gevasol Group, we know that strong communities sustain strong companies. As we see it, our community partnerships enhance Gevasol’s competitiveness by:

· Nurturing the loyalty of our customers and employees by reinforcing our commitment to our core values.
· Fostering innovation by sustaining a creative and dynamic local environment; and
· Contributing to Gevasol’s sustainability by strengthening the social ecosystems of our local communities.
Gevasol is proud to work closely with organizations that provide tech-centered education and recreation to our communities, and we are excited to grow alongside the people and places that make our work possible.