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Intuitive Motion Control

Gevasol Feedback Technology (GFT) develops and manufactures built-to-need servo drives and multi-axis motion controllers.

The demand for high-performance, ruggedized drives for harsh environments is increasing; companies look for proven solutions from dependable manufacturers. GFT has tremendous potential, and the great need for our drives inspires us.

GFT has an 18 to 650 ampere ‘family’ of low-voltage drives. The high-voltage ‘family’ is soon to follow.

GFT is about to release a new, revised graphical user interface (GUI) for the GFTuner, its autotuner application. GFTuner enables control capabilities far beyond what’s available in the market.


The new GUI will allow straightforward control over its functioning. Control engineers will thus be independent when studying, designing, and building intelligent control systems.


Furthermore, GFT collaborates with another Gevasol company, the electric motor manufacturer Bental. This collaboration offers the customer more freedom during the design stages and improved solutions.


It allows Gevasol to take on projects that require superior motion performance.


And ultimately, our customers have one address for the performance.


To further improve Gevasol’s ability to ensure flawless production and offer the most compact and powerful drives, we acquired Print Electronics.


Print is an Israeli PCB manufacturer. It specializes in complex circuits for industries with stringent standards and superior performances demand.


In the video, hear the developer of the built-to-need servo drives and multi-axis motion controllers talks about the collaboration with Bental.