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Inter-company Cooperation

Gevasol aims to be the go-to partner for customized drive and control solutions. Bental, GFT, and Gevasol Technologies (GT) are the building blocks for achieving this goal.

Demand for customized solutions, which are based on Gevasol’s extensive knowledge and experience, has recently surged.

To optimize our services and meet growing demand, we’re taking steps to strengthen this field by enhancing each company and fostering a collaborative environment among them. Here are the steps:

  1. Eitan Lupovitz will take on the role of CEO of GFT at the beginning of March.
  • Eitan previously served as the CEO of Novtech Precision Systems.
  • He has extensive experience in managing system development and engineering, as well as in drive and control systems.
  • Eitan is also well-versed in GFT’s field of activity.

We are confident that Eitan will continue the progress that GFT has made in recent years and expand its range of solutions and collaborations.

  1. Gal Geula will join the engineering team at the beginning of April.
  • Gal is a control engineer with extensive experience in designing drive system control.
  • He was a control engineer at REE Automotive and, before that, at Elbit Land Systems.
  • Aharon Baum, a renowned control expert, was Gal’s mentor at Elbit.

Gal will serve as a senior engineer at GFT. He will later join the development and engineering management team alongside Ilia and Yahali.

  1. GFT’s development team will be strengthened by hiring additional hardware and software engineers.
  2.  Tal Scaly took over as CEO of Gevasol Technologies approximately three months ago.
  • Tal’s expertise lies in the development and marketing of customer-based products for both the semiconductor and medical equipment industries.
  • Before joining Gevasol, Tal served as the founder and CEO of KappaSense Inc.

Tal is spearheading an organizational change that promotes the growth of Gevasol’s product and systems sector, including recruiting suitable personnel and developing necessary structures and infrastructure.

  1. Moni Gasith will assume the role of Director of Systems and Products at Gevasol Technologies in early March.
  • In the last year, he assisted in the management of the Motion Control Division.
  • Previously, Moni managed the development team at Bental.
  • With a deep understanding of the products and customers, Moni brings valuable experience in product development and transfer to production.
  1. Bental, GFT, GT, and Print Electronics management will establish a forum to enhance communication and foster stronger relationships among the companies.

We congratulate those joining us and believe that the upcoming changes will significantly enhance the customer experience, streamline the process from development to serial production, and foster deeper partnerships between Gevasol and its customers.