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In Memory of Yoel Parness

Last week, Yoel Parness passed away.

For many years Yoel served as the CEO of Baccara and manager of the Gevatron, Israel’s prominent folk music group.

Yoel opened the door for me to the industrial world. Until then, I was a shepherd in the kibbutz. Yoel, with his insight, believed in me and gave me a position on Baccara’s export team.

Yoel was an industrialist who lived by his gut; he was connected to the factory and felt it deeply. He spoke to everyone at eye level – managers as well as employees. He loved aesthetics and always had time for everything. We never heard him say, “I don’t have time.”

Yoel was my friend and mentor. He accompanied me from the first days at Baccara through Gevasol’s first steps until now. I loved Yoel. I will miss him very much.

Gideon Yadin, CEO of Gevasol