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Impact: The Nova e-Bike

Gevasol, along with its Dutch customer, Lely, is a partner in GoDare, a tech education center on Lely’s campus in the Netherlands. A key project at GoDare is the Nova Racing team, which relocated from TU Delft to GoDare. The team consists of 14 Delft students engaged in designing and constructing electric racing engines for the Nova e-bike.

Since 2007, Nova Electric Racing has been actively involved in developing and racing sustainable, high-performance engines, with a particular emphasis on electric motorcycles. They view motorcycle racing as a valuable educational tool that fosters technological understanding across all age groups.

As a student team, they tackle technical tasks such as CAD design, milling, lathing, soldering, and non-technical responsibilities like finance, sponsorship, social media, and events.

The Nova Electric Racing team is composed of students from diverse academic backgrounds. At GoDare, they have access to a well-equipped MakerSpace and can benefit from the expertise of Lely and Gevasol engineers. In return, the team actively supports GoDare programs and involves young individuals in their projects.

For Gevasol and Lely, the student team represents a significant talent pool with immense potential.

Yet another win-win situation!