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“Hope” – our new motor production facility

Our Motion Control Division is witnessing a surge in demand, which is expected to grow in the coming years.

In response, we are launching a new motor production facility, named “Hope,” in Bet Shean, Israel.  This facility will specialize in the production of advanced BLDC servo electrical machines.

Our goal is to establish an advanced employment model that other factories in Israel can emulate. “Hope” is designed specifically for seniors and individuals who face challenges in conventional work settings.

Prioritizing inclusivity, “Hope” will incorporate a robust robotics and automation infrastructure. This ensures that all individuals can play a meaningful role in the production and operational processes.

An expert team from Gevasol BV in the Netherlands, experienced in employing people with disabilities, will guide “Hope’s” operation.

Furthermore, we will collaborate with specialists in accessibility, welfare, and infrastructure.

Our aim for “Hope” is to employ approximately 400 people within a few years.

Starting in November 2023, we will begin delivering motors produced at this facility.