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Green Investment in the Future of Farming

We proudly announce this new step in our Fluid Control Division activities.

Having signed a collaboration last week, Gevasol is actively investing and supporting an amazing technological development that will significantly benefit agricultural soils.

DOTS‘s (Data of the Soil) innovative technology provides affordable, real-time, in-situ measurements of nitrate concentration across the soil profile.

DOTS’s solution enables farmers to reduce fertilizer application and increase profits and crop productivity while preventing environmental pollution. We believe this revolutionary development will change the environment to support a greener world.

Our investment will not be a passive financial contribution. Our engineering team will develop this innovative solution into an industrialized system to maximize future availability. Our operational team will produce these systems. That’s how we invest through strategic partnerships.

In the photos: Gideon Yadin, Gevasol’s CEO (left) and Rafi Levi, DOTS’s CEO