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GoDare’s Grand Opening

Last week, we celebrated the opening of GoDare – a joint venture with Lely. That was a significant milestone on our twenty-year journey.

We wholeheartedly thank the GoDare team for making it a success.

Gideon Yadin, Gevasol’s founder, gave a speech touching upon Gevasol’s unique journey. Here goes:

‘It moves me to thank you.
Before we came here, Yaara had just graduated from design school, and I was a shepherd on a Kibbutz between Nazareth and the Jordan River.
We arrived here, and you welcomed us. You trusted us. You gave us a chance. Thanks to you, we grew into the world of industry.
I can talk about what we’ve learned here for hours. But I’ll just mention the lesson that every human being is valuable, even if they have limitations.
Twenty years ago, we founded Gevasol here. I am proud that today, our products are in diverse fields: agriculture, industry, security, and life-sustaining machinery. We continue to dream of an advanced family-owned company. You gave us an opportunity, and now we can pass it forward to other dreamers.
In our changing world, being a responsible country means being independent and having a self-sufficient industry that mitigates conflicts.
For that, we need a young generation who takes itself seriously: working hard, learning from experience, having courage, and collaborating-everything that supports an industrial enterprise.
I believe our joint center will cultivate people who want to take responsibility and initiative. Perhaps it will grow entrepreneurs and industrialists-engineers who contribute to a better, safer world that is democratic and inclusive.
I hope that GoDare – which corresponds to Idan Technology – and the connection between the Dutch and Israeli people will strengthen a culture that promotes freedom, progress, and resilience.
We are here, and we again thank you, Dutch people.’