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Gevasol USA Expansion Tour

Last year, Gevasol bolstered its US presence by establishing Gevasol USA as part of the Fluid Control Division. Situated in Teaneck, New Jersey, it shares premises with Octal, part of the Motion Control Division.

In its inaugural year, Gevasol USA focused on enhancing infrastructure and customer relations. In April, René Beuving, Vice President and CEO of the Fluid Control Division; Balázs Jánossy, Business Development Manager; and Jonathan Strauss, Business Development Manager, met in the US to tour major customers and forge new strategic partnerships.

Gevasol’s US customers are a testament to the diverse applications of our Fluid Control activities. From industrial food appliances in the machinery sector to air support and gas analyzers in aeronautics and barn equipment and sprayer components in agriculture, our solutions are as unique as our customers.

This diversity has a common thread: Each project represents a unique, tailored solution created hand in hand with our customers. It underscores our commitment to providing customized solutions, often cultivated over decade-long partnerships.

The visit served as an opportunity to showcase Gevasol’s evolution into a mature yet dynamic organization. Additionally, we articulated our aim to expand our US presence, reinforcing our dedication to providing localized support.

The tour yielded promising prospects, further cementing our rapport with customers.