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Gevasol Academy is Back – Reliability Engineering

Engineers, suppliers, and customers gathered at Idan Technology for a Gevasol Academy session. The subject: reliability engineering.

Gert Kragten, Ph.D., who heads Gevasol’s reliability lab at GoDare in the Netherlands, led the day. It included presentations, case studies, hands-on experimentation, and sharing experiences and opinions.

‘We learned how to predict the lifetime of a large population of components (such as 10,000) by testing only a few (~20) at a good confidence level. In addition- we learned how to prepare and submit the MTBF calculation of a system based on the MTBF of its components,’ reports Oded Matas, engineering manager at Ettem Engineering

Moni Gazith, Deputy Vice President of the Motion Control Division, adds: ‘Reliability is a critical factor in designing and manufacturing built-to-need products. We have different approaches to getting there, sharing our experience and knowledge, and learning who knows what enhances our capabilities.’

Tomer Salinger, production engineer at Gevasol Industries: ‘Reliability is about optimizing our products and how we present ourselves. Striving for highly reliable products helps our customers (that goes without saying) and us. It will allow us to invest time in development rather than tackling malfunctions.’

And Gert sums up: ‘It was a pleasure to connect with colleagues from different Gevasol companies, suppliers, and customers on this topic. It helped us understand each other–where we are and how to bring knowledge on reliability to practice.’

Please get in touch with Gert to hear more and receive recordings and presentations from the events.