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Gert Kragten, Ph.D., achieves Black Belt Certification in Reliability Engineering

Gert Kragten, Ph.D., who heads our reliability engineering lab has completed his black belt training in the discipline.

The black belt certification includes the following: 

  • Two reliability foundational courses
  • Two reliability projects based on the course’s material.
  • Proven leadership in the implementation of reliability in the company processes.

Applying Reliability to Availability:

Traditionally, our core emphasis has centered on ensuring the reliability and lifespan of the valves we provide to our OEM customers.

Moreover, Gert’s newly acquired knowledge showed us how we can positively affect the availability of our valves and the systems they are used in.

We achieve increased availability (or reduced downtime) by:

  • Combining high reliability in our valves with performance diagnostics (already built into the drivers of our spraying valves).
  • Creating inspection and maintenance plans based on simulation models that predict system reliability and availability.
  • Ensuring fast and easy repair or replacement during maintenance.

In conclusion, Gert Kragten’s achievement underscores our commitment to developing and delivering customized valves for your systems – ensuring high reliability and availability.