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Children Express Their Heart Wish Through Electromagnet

Gevasol engineers, led by Idan Technology’s team, mentored children who were displaced by the war in Israel in an electromagnet project.

Two of the engineers – Daniel Link from the Fluid Control Division development team and Samuel Kurucz from CryoTech – were touched by the experience:


“Idan Technology is a place where mainly young people can learn practical skills and engage in innovative technology projects.

This time, Idan Technology was invited to mentor about 100 young people who were evacuated from their hometowns due to their proximity to the border.

Employees from Gevasol Engineering, GT, Gevasol Ettem Sealing Solutions, Hope, and other friends have cooperated with Idan Technology.

The 100 young people were grouped into ten smaller teams. Each team received the same assignment. Raw materials and components, including cardboard, hot melt glue, a motor, a solenoid, and more, were available. Their task was to plan and construct a marble run within a 3-hour.

The goal was to inspire the team to have fun while accomplishing the task.

In our group, we really had fun discussing, planning, and building the project. One of the young people had the idea to use the motor as a crane, which lifted the marble in a little basket. When the basket reached the height of the marble run, there was a small lever that tilted the basket, so the marble ran on the track, had to overcome a jump, and was finally flying into a funnel, which directed the marble down to a ladder, all made out of cardboard.

Unfortunately, the basket rotated during the test, so a manual intervention was needed to bring the marble back on track 😉… There was a lot of laughter, and we had a lot of fun!

It was also good to see the results of the other teams; every design was unique and inspiring. 

It was a unique experience to interact with these young people who went through so much. They don’t know when they can return home, so many things are open and uncertain. Being together and inspiring them in this challenging time is a privilege. ‘Together, we can make it.”


 “I enjoyed a day of creativity and collaboration working with the youth. It was fun to help; their inspiration and cooperation surprised me despite them being displaced. But I was most touched by the theme that emerged from our project. They expressed their hearts’ wish to be back at home again by telling the project story as a journey: “From hotel to back home – through all the difficulties.” 

It suggests a bigger picture of what we may all be feeling at this time. Back to peace, back to home, back to what we miss. I feel privileged to reach out in a time like this, and my heart is with you kids.”