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CryoTech’s Patent Approved in the United States

Over the past three years, the CryoTech team, led by Dr. Alexander Veprik, submitted five patent applications—this patent has been approved in the United States.

the patents submitted in 2019 are publicly available:

  • Cryogenic Stirling Refrigerator with Mechanically Driven Expander (US 2021/0010720 A1:
  • Cryogenic Stirling Refrigerator with a Pneumatic Expander (US 2021/0033313 A1: This patent has been recently approved in the United States.

The team submitted three new applications in 2021 and is waiting for approval. These patents will be available in the public domain in 2023. Please follow our announcements.

CryoTech is a small start-up established in 2018 as part of the Gevasol Group. We develop disruptive long-life and low SWaP+C cryogenic technology for commercial infrared imaging.