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Crop Closed Transfer Systems (CTS)

Crop spraying regulations get tougher, creating a need for chemical transfer solutions that protect operators and the environment.

The need prompted European crop protection producers to aim at making Closed Transfer Systems (CTS) available from 2024—and for all European farmers by 2030.

Responding to this challenge, Tefen, a flow and dosing specialist, teamed up with Gevasol to develop a dosing system that maximizes the accuracy of the amount of chemicals utilized—resulting in significant cost savings and the prevention of environmental damage.

The Challenge:

  • Develop and manufacture complex electromechanical units that enable farmers to transfer and dose plant protection liquid from containers to field sprayers in a fully automated and controlled way.
  • Comply with the newly established international standard ISO 21191: equipment for crop protection; closed transfer systems (CTS) performance specifications.
  • Meet established development timetable milestones with initial production by the last quarter of 2023.

The Solution:

  • Be first in the market with a fully automated electromechanical solution with electronic control and management of a sophisticated hydraulic system.
  • Add high value to Tefen’s customers with future projections for add-on features, such as remote control via external devices (smartphones), barcode reading, and crop protection material management.
  • The project reached its technical and operational goals, allowing Tefen to introduce the solution to its strategic partners (CropLife Europe).

Please read more about the system in our latest Ping. We thank Tefen for their trust.