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Checking in With a Couple of Gevasol-Lely Projects

Since Gevasol’s inception, Lely has been one of its prominent customers. Here are a couple of snapshots from the Lely-Gevasol cooperation: One is a visit of our engineers, and the other is about our joint venture, GoDare.

GoDare has been moving forward.

Has van den Kieboom, GoDare’s director, reports: “GoDare is taking the next step with a new look-and-feel and twice the space as we renovate an old factory hall.

In the new space—opening in September—professionals from Lely and Gevasol will work on their projects, setting an example for the young. In addition, there will be a makerspace, machine park, and new equipment offering students of all ages opportunities to learn.

While under construction, activities are still going strong: the team is developing new programs, looking for education drones (it’s a thing!), and even working with a local physics teacher on plans to build a spaceship!”

Last week, Yehuda Plesser, the product developer, and Matan Bar-Shalom, an integration center CEO from Gevasol Israel, spent a day at Lely Farming Innovators to discuss a joint project. Gerard Mostert, a Lely product architect, and Michiel Brevet, a Lely product developer, accompanied them.

The day started at a Lely test farm, where the project prototype was tested on the Astronaut milk robots. It was good to see the verification process in real-time in the field.

From the testing farm, they went to the Lely campus in Maassluis to analyze the test results and devise further improvements to the product.

That was a good day—an excellent example of how Gevasol and Lely cooperate to create innovative farming products.