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A Sculpture Reveal at GoDare

On the first-ever GoDare Coaching Day, the ‘Truth or Dare’ sculpture by sculptor Sander Buijk was revealed; it features a dancing cow atop a Meccano cart.

Gifted by Alexander van der Lely and family to mark Lely‘s 75th anniversary, the piece epitomizes Lely’s ethos: a happy cow means a happy farmer.

For 75 years, Lely’s technological solutions have enhanced farmers’ lives. Lely and Gevasol have collaborated closely for nearly 20 years. Both companies have partnered to establish GoDare, which opened a few years ago.

Rene Beuving, head of Gevasol’s Fluid Control Division, says, “GoDare is inspirational to all parties involved: the schools, the kids, and our companies. GoDare is effectively putting technology on the map at all schools in the area, bringing the joy of technology to thousands of kids. Seeing these kids’ joy with technical challenges also brings joy to the people of Gevasol and Lely. We are changing how schools approach technology as a school topic, triggering change. It helps to remind them why technology is fun….”

Here are some GoDare numbers:

  •  942 participants aged 11-16
  •  10 GoDare programs
  •  362 sessions.
  • 164 volunteer coaches from Lely and Gevasol guide them as mentors and role models.


The GoDare Coaching Day honored the mentors and celebrated the new school year. Readd more about the coaching program.