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46:47 Beyond Basketball

Gilboa Galil is a professional basketball club owned by Gevasol that plays in the Israeli Basketball Premier League.

Beyond Basketball is the expression of our commitment to turn the spotlight on social issues through sports.

Based on the experience acquired at Idan Technology and GoDare, powered by Lely & Gevasol, the connections between industry, community, local leadership, and sports are the cornerstone of our club.

46:47  is an art project illustrating the power of those connections. It is a joint project of the Gilboa Galil Basketball Club and the Special Olympics Gilboa Ma’ayanot basketball team.

Our project asks, “What meanings do we attribute to the differences between people, and how does this affect our identity?”

46:47  examines the question of how disability colors the way we perceive ourselves, our peers, and our environment.

The photographer, Noam Ben Gurion Mosseri, photographed the two teams’ basketball players side-by-side, offering a glimpse of “the game of life.”

These images invite the viewer to examine how we categorize people based on health, beauty, competence, capability, happiness, and our ideas of “normality.” What effect does this process have on our relationships with ourselves and our partners?

Nearly everyone experiences some sort of disability at some point in their life, whether physical, sensory, societal, or mental. Can this shared experience be what unites us?

Can we imagine a world where the players of both teams form a single team that welcomes the diversity and uniqueness of each of its members? A world that sees human diversity as an advantage worth celebrating?

Is it possible to imagine a society where we focus on the common denominator between humans and understand that disability is an integral part of human existence—where what unites us is our difference? Watch video.