Gevasol fluid control division develops custom-made solenoid valves and fluid control systems

The vast majority of our products are built to needs.
When designing products, we define and address our customers’ needs beyond their initial specifications.
Our products address the core of our OEM customers’ machines, where the most critical processes take place, which requires close and intimate cooperation.


  • Expertise A team of experts with deep knowledge in fluid control and electronic solutions
  • Dedication Eager to develop and produce custom-made but cost-effective products
  • Innovation As a guideline, a key to our and our customers’ success
  • Integration Drivers are integrated into the valve itself or incorporated in standard DIN connectors
  • Miniaturization Small and compact electronic drivers that fit into the smallest valves
  • Testability Flow, pressure, and durability tests, including helium leak detection



Industries IL

Netherlands B.V

Applications Served

  • Instrumentation
  • Medical and hygienic
  • Dairy and food
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Transportation