Test Equipment

The Need

Test equipment is the final stage of the system development process.
Often changes are still implemented at this stage, and as a result, the development and building of dedicated ATE are done at a super-tight schedule.

The Solution

We establish dynamic, versatile production flow and close, real-time communication with the customer’s R&D department.

Working with the customer, we prioritize their requirements.

We implement improvements.

Quantities are usually small, and configuration varies per order.

Robust design that considers future adaptations allows for continuous adaptations during the system’s lifecycle, with minimal investment.

Featured Projects

ATE cabinet design and production

An overall upgrade of an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) cabinet, used for an aerospace application.
MU / MSU with multiple obsolete components that required replacement without any system performance variation.

R&D, PCB, NPI, Integration.

ATE for high performance controller

An automated test module.
Designed to perform test procedures of a control unit that manages the loading process of armored vehicles’ active defense system.

R&D, PCB, NPI, Integration.

ATE multi-module production in real-time

A defense application ATE project was needed urgently and thus required a tight schedule and real-time adjustments.
We worked with an initial open design to accommodate ongoing adaptations without major cost additions and delays.

R&D, PCB, NPI, Integration.

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